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Interpol abuse. Interpol Aid.

Has INTERPOL violated your right to liberty?

Have your Human Rights been trampled by a dictatorship or totalitarian regime abusing INTERPOL? Have your enemies framed you with false criminal charges by requesting INTERPOL for Red Notice issued on your name?

Whether you're a businessman standing up against bribery and ​Corruption or an activist fighting for political freedom, connect with us to fight for your rights and help you achieve true liberty.

Don't let INTERPOL's flawed database shackle your freedom any longer.​

Dmitrii Razmustov, an Attorney at Law with license #78/3920 from the St. Petersburg, Russia Chamber of Lawyers, has built extensive experience specializing in criminal defense in one of the most infamous countries that abuse INTERPOL, such as Russia, since 2002. Dmitrii is adept at ensuring assertive defense on all aspects against INTERPOL. including Red Notice.

Dmitrii Razmustov can help you with:

  • A Request to INTERPOL about whether you are subject to any Interpol notices or diffusions.

  • A request to INTERPOL to prevent Red Notice or Diffusion to be issued on your name

  • Application to quash the Red Notice or Diffusion on your name

  • Interpol’s Application for Revision a previous denial (if any) to delete all data on your name
Interpol Legal Help Attorney
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